Nastro Blu, resistenza U.V. 10 giorni 250

Nastro Blu, resistenza U.V. 10 giorni 250

4,30 €
Tasse incluse Spedito entro 1-3 giorni lavorativi

Nastro Blu, resistenza U.V. 10 giorni 25 millimetri per 50 metri 250



Blue masking tape for the most demanding applications. 15 days clean removal (10 indoor). Full Waterproof and UV resistance. Can reach 120°C for 60 minutes. Approved for IR curing processes

The highest degree of industrial indoor-outdoor performance. Blue colored high performance tapes designed to meet the most demanding masking situations in Aerospace, Automotive, Building, Construction, Decorative and Marine applications. Excellent solvent, water and UV resistance. Superior holding power, designed for repeated bake cycles at 120°C. They offer excellent paint line and clean removal up to 15 days.

Vibac Syrom

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